Movie Marathon with Pizza & Beer

Nothing passes the time swiftly like watching movies. It becomes even better when you watch in the company of your friends as you sip a cold beer. Indeed, movie marathon has been one of the most interesting activities to do since its inception. Your night will be more fun if you partner your beer with pizza. Here is a list of ideas on drinking beer when watching movies. You can also check out Blonde and Balanced for some interesting reads.

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Watch in the Company of Like-Minded People

Watching any movie becomes fun when like-minded people come together. Being one of the most fun activities, you expect that will be full of laughter or tears, depending on the movie genre you plan to watch. Being in the company of such people will help enjoy every bit of the movie. You laugh or cry together while savoring the pizza as well as the beer.

Try to Enjoy the Movie to the End

Time to unwind and have a great time. Therefore, avoid thoughts of real-life stressors like work and family responsibilities and keep your mind and body in the movie. This is your leisure time, not working time. Therefore, celebrate when it is time to celebrate.

Beer & Pizza Is a Perfect Pair

people eating pizza

Just like in other activity, anything is possible while watching. That is why throughout the movie, your emotions will be at an all-time high. You will find yourself at the edge of your seat most of the times since a spectating brain is a playing brain. If you are a die-hard fan, your heart will be racing as fast as the actors in an action movie. This may lead to several health problems such as anxiety attacks and localized vasoconstriction of blood vessels. For this reason, you need something to suppress your adrenaline rush and release tension. Beer is your sure bet at this time. It will help you relax and focus on the bits of the movie that you find most interesting.

Take Beer in Moderation

By now, you know that beer has several health benefits in the human body. However, these benefits only come to moderate beer drinkers. Heavy drinkers get side effects, rather than benefits. Therefore, drinking beer should only be an accompanying activity. Take just a sip or two of your beer in long intervals of time. Overall, take at most two bottles of beer if you are a man, and one bottle if you are a woman. On top of enjoying the movie, you will end the movie a little healthier than you were starting off.

Overall, watching movies is not complete without friends and a few bottles of beer as well as a box of pizza. Therefore, whenever you go watching movies, do not forget the things that go together with it.