tips to lose weight

Top 5 Tips on How to Lose Weight

Whether the scale has been creeping up slowly over the years or you had a baby recently when you have a lot of pounds to lose the process seems daunting and it’s easy to give up even before you start trying. Here are some of the top tips that will motivate you in your journey of weight loss.

Set Realistic Goals

set realistic goalsFor you to stay motivated, and to achieve your ultimate goal of the weight you want to lose eventually, you need to set small goals throughout the process. Try to decide at the beginning of every week what you need to achieve the coming week. Whether you want to eat greens daily, meet with a personal trainer or work out four times that week. After successfully attaining your set goal reward yourself with a trip to the zoo or movie or buy yourself a new pair of shoes. Do something that will make you feel accomplished.

Hold Yourself Accountable

You might eat healthy all week but fail to lose a single pound. This is more possible if you fall into temptation and cheat by grabbing a cookie or some fries here and there. If you keep track of your food intake you might find out that the cheating handfuls add ups are the reason the scale is not budging. This will also enable you to be honest with yourself and you will resist the urge to devour a large piece of cake if it will end up on your track record. Sharing your food journal with someone else might enable you to be even more accountable.

Use the Eat Less Trick

Some aromas such as those for green apples, peppermint, and bananas induce specific satiety sensory that causes one to eat less. These scents cause satisfaction feelings which makes your brain to stop you from eating more food. You can also hang a mirror opposite you to create your body awareness. Eating from a blue plate gives the food unappealing look that diminishes your appetite.

Use Smaller Plate

Using a small plate to serve your food will enable you to eat fewer potions without feeling cheated or denied. A small meal on a large plate will leave you unsatisfied, and craving for more but a small plate heaped with the same amount of food will leave you more satisfied. Using smaller spoons and bowls will make you get used to gradually eating a small amount of food without getting hungry. Practice eating your meals slowly and avoid eating till you feel full.

Avoid Getting Bored

avoid getting boredMost people tend to eat more while they are bored especially if they are watching TV while eating. Take a break from whatever is boring you and occupy yourself with other activities that do not involve food. You could try painting, yoga, play football, join a class, repaint your bedroom r sitting room or even involve yourself with politics if you’re already busy make a point of eating your food at the table.

Weight loss is a journey that might take a longer period of time so there’s need to be patient and hopeful. Discipline yourself by eating healthy food and grabbing some exercise whenever possible, your unique needs will guide you so try to find out what works best for you.